Nissin Cup Noodle flavours become Umaibo snacks, and we try every one of them

This sought-after limited-edition series is so rare it can’t be purchased in stores.

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Cup Noodle flavored Umaibo snacks coming, but getting one is a little tricky

A little luck might be needed to get your favorite.

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Nicolas Cage had no idea he was being turned into a snack food in Japan

Creators of the Nicolastick apologize for harming the “image and reputation” of the Hollywood actor.

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Nicolas Cage becomes a Japanese snack food as the Nicolastick is born

Promotional tie-in for upcoming film Bin Laden is My Prey has an inspired flavor choice.

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Company uses photos of Mr. Sato in letters to customers, so he pays a visit they won’t forget

Mr. Sato stormed off to the company’s office with two very specific demands.

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Is Umaibo housing the architecture of the future?

Everyday it seems that one company or another is producing a new type of building material that will revolutionize our lives and our homes. But it looks like they can all stop now. The ultimate in structural integrity and edible wall paneling has been discovered!

Not many would have thought to do this, but it takes a rare mind to spark a revolution of this magnitude. If you’re looking for the newest hot real estate tip, look no further–all you need to do is invest in the almighty umaibo!

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