Beautiful woman stuns Japanese Internet, no one will ever know her name because she’s a painting

Breathtaking artwork form Hiroshima artist looks more like photography than oil paintings.

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The gorgeous portraits of these Japanese women aren’t photos or CG, so what are they?

Artist Yasutomo Oka’s mind-blowing work needs no computer trickery.

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Worst Mother’s Day portrait ever?

We hope you and your mothers all had great Mother’s Days this year and excellent presents were exchanged. Of course, sometimes the best present isn’t something you bought at the store but a hand-made work of art demonstrating your love for your mother, though we doubt anyone is going to complain about a new PlayStation 4.

We’ve already seen some of the most awesome (and awkward) Mother’s Day illustrations you can find at 7-Eleven, but today we have something slightly more…horrifying. This portrait made the rounds on Twitter in Japan last week, inducing laughter and nightmares!

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