Trailer for new Gintama movie pays homage to another famous anime series【Video】

Feel like you’ve seen this art style somewhere before? You’re not alone!

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Enjoy confectionery the Super Saiyan way with these new Super Dragon Ball sweets

Turns out you don’t have to look very far to collect all seven dragon balls – just go to your local Family Mart.

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We bought a “Plastic Model Vegeta” lucky bag from Laox, got a model we really didn’t expect

To our surprise, it was not a lucky bag just devoted to Vegeta models, as we initially thought.

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Shonen Jump’s anime heroes punch huge craters in Shinjuku Station, create photo spots

The stars of Jump Force all have serious beef with Tokyo Metro, leaving some seriously cool craters behind.

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Interview: Bluefin and the world of anime collectibles

If you’ve ever purchased a Gundam model kit in America, you’ve probably seen the name Bluefin on the back somewhere.

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Consider us teased! Upcoming Dragon Ball Z animation promises big things【Video】

DBZ Tribute is an upcoming animation that aims to pay tribute (the hint’s in the name) to the work of Akira Toriyama. A team of professional artists have come together to create a computer-generated animated sequence as a homage to the creator of Dragon Ball.

It’s not an official project, but if the production values in these teasers are anything to go on, it’s going to be a really high-quality “tribute”.

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We know the human names of Dragon Ball’s Androids 17 & 18!

When I was in middle school, I used to watch Dragon Ball Z every single day. I’ve seen all 291 episodes of the series and without a doubt can say that my favorite story arc begins with the arrival of future Trunks until the end of the Cell Games. Why? Because the villains are awesome, of course (sorry, Frieza)! Everyone loves Cell and the attractive-but-deadly android siblings, known as Numbers 17 and 18.

Speaking of the androids, Akira Toriyama, the author of Dragon Ball, has recently released an interesting bit of trivia for the first time ever – Number 17 and 18’s true names! Even cooler is how their names combine to create something new. Do you have any guesses?

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Get Your Dragon Ball Hair Fries at a Mini Stop Store Near You!

In perhaps the most genius use of french fries we’ve seen in years, Japanese convenience store chain Mini Stop has begun selling a number of Dragon Ball-themed sweets and fried foods as part of a promotion for upcoming movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods.

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