Sapporo Beer

Legendary anime Evangelion’s creator and mecha appear in ad for Sapporo Beer【Video】

Hideaki Anno explains his philosophy of personal improvement while the giant robot from his signature series makes a cameo.

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Ensure your dad gets a cold one this Father’s day with Yebisu’s cold-detecting cans

Nothing says, “Thanks, Dad,” like a perfectly chilled beer!

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Sapporo Breweries reveals Ginza Brown — the only beer in the world made from honey bee yeast!

Yes, we Japanese love our beer. In fact, many a drinking session in Japan is begun with someone literally saying, “Let’s start with beer, shall we?” So it’s not really surprising to see Japanese beer companies come up with interesting beers to catch the public’s attention.

But we have to say this particular beer produced by Sapporo Breweries is truly one-of-a-kind. The limited edition beer, which will become available for pre-order online later this month, is made using a very unique ingredient — obtained with the help of some small, hard-working winged critters. It’s the Ginza Brown beer, the only beer in the world made from honey bee yeast!

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