Children’s Day

Preorders now open for Samurai Teddy Bears made by classic German toy maker Steiff

Super snazzy samurai armor-wearing teddy bears will be ready for your next Children’s Day display!

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KFC’s Colonel Sanders is becoming a samurai in Japan this week

A Kentucky twist on a Japanese tradition.

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A roundup of some of this year’s best “Samurai Sanders”: KFC’s mascot in samurai armor【Photos】

Which is your favorite Children’s Day Shogun Sanders?

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Japanese bath hack: Toss iris leaves in the tub for a traditional shobu yu soak【Photos】

For health, happiness and just having fun!

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Japan celebrates Children’s Day by flying beautiful carp streamers 【Photos】

While people in Japan put up decorations to celebrate different holidays, most of them are placed inside the home, such as the dolls for Girls’ Day/Hina Matsuri in March or the vegetables displayed during Obon in the summer. Out in public, though, though, you’d be hard-pressed to tell one Japanese holiday from another, with the exception of Children’s Day/Kodomo no Hi on May 5.

That’s because when Children’s Day rolls around, all you have to do is look up at all of the beautifully awesome carp streamers flying overhead,

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Can You Spot the Hidden Mickeys in this Traditional Japanese Helmet?

It’s well known that within every Disney Park, small Mickeys are hidden throughout the grounds. If you look close enough, Mickey Mouse seems to be everywhere; on buildings, carpets, and even the vehicle speakers on Space Mountain.

But you would never expect Mickey to be hidden on a helmet used by ancient Japanese warriors and samurai. You also wouldn’t expect it to be made of silver and cost a staggering 250,000 yen (US $2,697).

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