15-year-old Chinese “plastic” girl gets bashed on Weibo, lashes back with attitude and selfies

You know how people always say things like “looks are not important”, or “money isn’t everything”? It’s something we’d like to agree with, but isn’t it ironic how some people gain overnight fame and roll in riches just because of their appearances?

Case in point, a 15-year-old girl in China recently hit the headlines on various Asian news websites because of the looks she acquired through plastic surgery. She doesn’t brand herself as a “living Barbie”, but by the looks of it, she has probably earned herself membership into the Real Barbie Army.

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15-year-old girl tries to scam adult out of $40,000 – gets caught dressed like a businessman

What is with the kids these days? First, it was high school students committing gruesome murders and now it’s middle school students getting involved in telephone scams.

It’s enough to make you shout, “Are the kids alright??”

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Same-sex “kiss friends” now trending in Japanese high schools

Teenage experimentation. While many get hot under the collar about it, it’s pretty standard. I mean, no one’s born knowing this stuff, so most need to figure it out at some stage. From warm apple pie to webcams to same-sex “kiss friends”… wait, same sex “kiss friends”??

A sudden fad for something called ‘same-sex “kiss friends”‘ has been raising a few, er, eyebrows at Japanese high schools and online this week. Girls kissing girls I understand, because us girls we are so magical, hard to resist and kissable. Who wouldn’t want a taste of that cherry chapstick? But the idea of boys kissing boys seems more difficult for netizens to swallow, at least on a public forum. Is it the awkward bum fluff moustaches, the smell of bodies before the discovery of deodorant, or other reasons?

The blurb pictured delves into more explicit detail on this teen girl-on-girl and high-school boy-on-boy phenomenon.

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This 15-Year-Old Vietnamese Boxer is a Complete Knockout

All puns aside, we would never have guessed in a million years that this 15-year-old has nine years of professional boxing training under her belt.

Born in 1997, Tran Thi Kim Ngan is Vietnam’s most famous female boxer and recently shot to stardom when local media noticed her good looks. Despite still being in school, young Tran is already set to break both hearts and noses across the world, and, to quote our colleagues over at RocketNews24 Japan, is clearly hiding more than just a couple of boxing moves beneath that dress of hers.

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Teenage Boy in China “Had too many erections”, Severs Own Penis

Prepare to squirm in your seats, fellas.

According to news report over at Japanese info hub Heaven, a 17-year-old boy in China has taken a knife to his own love wand, cutting it off completely, later giving the reason that he was experiencing too many unwanted erections.

Thankfully, the following report does not contain any graphic photos, but there’s still plenty of mental imagery guaranteed to make any man shudder in front of his computer or smart phone…

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