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A visit to T-CAT, Tokyo’s often forgotten City Air Terminal【Photos】

Once a super convenient portal for flying out of Tokyo, a lot of people forget the Tokyo City Air Terminal still exists.

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The beautifully lonely building in Shinkai’s Weathering with You? It’s a real place in Tokyo

We’ve visited the real-world location for the pivotal scene in the anime event of the summer, but it’s about to disappear forever.

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Undead train station in Yokohama is beautifully nostalgic, poignantly desolate

Mr. Sato visits a virtually abandoned station that continues to operate in Yokohama.

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Abandoned Japanese shopping mall’s onions are now so popular that they’re selling out【Photos】

Customers now outnumbering salespeople by an infinitely large ratio.

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Abandoned Japanese mall has no employees, but still one operating store selling just one item

Hate waiting in line while doing your shopping? This is the place for you!

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We search for the fabled bed and breakfast inside Narita’s runway that’s just 10 bucks a night

While it’s often referred to in travel literature as Tokyo Narita Airport, Japan’s busiest international air hub is actually located in Chiba Prefecture, making it about a one-hour train ride away from downtown Tokyo (and you can tack an extra 30 minutes or so onto that if you’re not willing to shell out the extra cash for the express train). This makes Narita sort of inconvenient if you’ve got an early departure, or if you arrive late and don’t feel like spending two hours in transit before you can collapse in your hotel bed.

So our interest was piqued when we found out about a bed and breakfast built so close to the airport it’s actually inside the runway area, and once we heard the rumors that it costs just 1,000 yen (US $8.50) a night, we decided to go searching for the mysterious hotel ourselves.

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