Comiket 81, hadn’t disappointed for a moment in its quality and variety of cosplayers. Walking through the market I was treated to the best in amateur costumes. Although I may have dubbed Garo as The Most Kick-Ass Cosplay of Comic Market 81! this time around, I feel there is another costume worthy enough to honor. It was a Dragon Ball costume – literally, a costume of the actual Dragon Balls that the series is named after.

If you’ve ever been to one of these events you have definitely seen people dress up as a character from the iconic series. It’s not uncommon to come across a Goku, Bulma, or Freeza, although many attendees try to one up each other by choosing more obscure characters like Majin Buu or Mr. Satan. But this three man team may have checkmated them all with their recreation of the seven magical balls that can make your wildest dreams come true.

These guys even earn extra geek points by choosing the Namekian Dragon Balls rather than their more well-known Earth ones as can be deduced by the balls’ larger size.

Throughout the day the trio stood silently, ball number seven holding a sign that read, “Make a wish.”Their quiet dignity and simple message seemed disturbingly deep though. Laughing or pondering, the people nearby found themselves gravitating towards these three men among shouts requesting to take a picture or this piece of cosplay conceptual art. At times, the men were so popular you would have had to wait your turn to see them.

The Dragon Ball series has fans all around the world with cosplayers to match, but this may be the first time anyone has taken it to this level. This will surely inspire copycats in other countries at other conventions, or perhaps some cosplayer will find an even more original costume idea based on the wide universe of Dragon Ball. Time will tell.

Photo: Rocketnews24

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