Nothing livens up a salad or a roast chicken breast like a bit of fresh lemon, but isn’t it a pain to have to do all that cutting and squeezing? Don’t you just wish you could grab a lemon off the tree and pump it dry on the spot?

Well, now you can with Citrus Sprayer, a clever little utensil that turns fresh citrus fruit into a natural spray bottle!

The Citrus Sprayer, also known as the Citrus Spray, was designed by Spanish kitchen utensil company Lékué, and lets you evenly mist your favorite food or drink with zesty citrus and not have to worry about getting juice all over your fingers.

Here’s how it works:

1. Pick an unsuspecting lemon or other citrus fruit from the safety of its tree.
2. Remove the fruit’s stem.
3. Give the pointed end of the Citrus Sprayer a good shove so it breaks the skin and reaches the soft flesh inside.
4. Start pumping away!

▼Kinda like this:

It’s fun for the whole family!

One of our Japanese reporters swears by the Citrus Slayer—er, Sprayer: “I use it with lemons everyday to get my vitamin C, but on the weekends I stick it in a lime and spray it on cocktails.”

And uses aren’t just limited to food! “I can’t recommend everyone do this, but sometimes I spray a bit of lemon directly on my hands as a substitute for perfume,” says our reporter.

Not a bad idea! Provided you walk around with lemons in your pocket, you could even use the Citrus Sprayer as a kind of makeshift organic pepper spray!

Citrus Sprayer and other innovative cookware can be purchased from Lékué’s website and comes in two sizes: one with a longer tip for oranges and grapefruits, and one with a shorter tip for lemons and limes.

And remember, if it’s consensual, it’s not Citrus Sprayer!

Source: Lékué
Inset Image: Penny Arcade