“Hamsters are watching you.”

Before, when I said this to people on the streets they would run away and get the police involved.

Well who’s laughing now? Thanks to this video documentation uploaded on YouTube, my paranoid delusions have been proven to be real. In it, the brave camera person captured a hamster stakeout in progress.

My delirium was further validated by Yahoo! who chose this shocking footage as the “10th best animal video of 2012.”

I always knew that hamsters had been watching us and secretly collecting information about our habits. People tend to write off hamsters because they’re small and fluffy. They think hamsters are stupid the way they run on those wheels that don’t go anywhere.

The fact is they are building their leg muscles to improve their surveillance capabilities as we can see in the video.

But what do the hamsters want from us? A Wikipedia search reveals that hamsters originated from Syria.

Syria, as we know, has been in the grip of a brutal civil war resulting from the Arab Spring.

Could the hamsters be searching the world selecting worthy candidates to form a guerilla battle force that could reclaim their homeland like in that movie The Last Starfighter?

All the evidence points to a resounding yes.

Source: IT Media (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – okeitapun