Whether you’re good, evil or racy, now there’s a parka to suit your wizardly personality!

Japan is well-known for its bold and out-there daring cosplay costumes, but lately there’s a growing market for slipping a hint of cosplay into everyday wardrobes too. We’ve seen sailor suit roomwear and anime-themed lingerie, and last year, we were introduced to the Wizard Parka from online character apparel retailer Cospa. The black parka became such a hit with customers that Itemya, who produced the item, decided to expand their range of colours to suit a variety of wizardly tastes.


All the awesome details of the original black parka can be found in these two new colours also. The racy red version lets you take the idea of Little Red Riding Hood into a different magical realm, with its tipped hood and long, cape-like design.


The beauty of these jackets lies in the fact that they look no different to a regular front-pocketed parka when zipped up with the hood down.wizard-parka-8

▼ Once the hood is pulled over your head, however, the wizard design takes shape.


Soft wiring in the hemmed section of the oversized hood allows you to shape it to suit your liking, while the zippered sleeves can be unzipped to expand the material, creating a more billowy silhouette.


▼ Good wizards can now channel their pure intentions with a white parka design.


Again, the white parka looks like an ordinary item of clothing, so you can wear it without attracting any unwanted attention.


▼ With a few adjustments though, you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go!


The Wizard Parka comes in medium, large and extra-large sizes and is priced at 11,880 yen (US$104.50). The black parka can be ordered here, while the red and white ones can be pre-ordered from Cospa with delivery scheduled for March next year.

Source: IT Media
Featured image: Cospa
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