With the move to flash drives and cloud storage, CD trays may become a thing of the past, but don’t write yours off as a waste of space just yet. One Japanese Twitter user has found an excellent new use for his.

User @Wincheritage posted this photo to the site a few days ago, saying, “Kids these days don’t even realize their computer comes with a drink holder. What a shame.”

As you can see, he’s re-purposed the hole in his CD tray to keep a warm beverage handy. If you look closely, you’ll notice it’s in a glass beaker rather than a cup. @Wincheritage later commented that it was a standard glass beaker, chosen for its strength and ability to withstand heat.

After many people commented on the advisability of this practice, the Twitter user breezily responded, “Yeah, sometimes the drink holder tries to open and close of its own accord, but that just serves to stir up the sediment in the coffee. The cup might tip a bit, but it doesn’t spill,” which we think is utter genius.

Well, there you have it. The solution to coffee rings on your desk and an unused drive rolled into one! How about you, readers? Have you re-purposed old tech in any new and interesting ways?

Source: Togech, Twitter