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Apparently, if you could taste fear, it would taste like cool lemonade.

Starting July 27, Japanese burger chain Lotteria will offer a limited-time lemonade shake flavor themed after classic Japanese horror icon Sadako – the unmistakable and absolutely horrifying long-haired ghost girl from The Ring.

The cool blue color of the lemonade (actually a slightly different Japanese variation called ramune) invokes Sadako’s ghostly blue dress, while a squiggly topping of chocolate sauce and a black straw are meant to conjure the ghost girl’s signature jet-black hair.

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In an odd twist we’re still trying to figure out, Japan’s Ministry of the Environment has named Sadako an official summer mascot and is working together with Lotteria to promote the drink, which also commemorates the August 30 release of 3D horror film Sadako 3D.

Source: NariNari
Title Photo: Ameba News
Inset photo: Peachy