Recently in Taiwan, authorities finally apprehended a man who had been terrorizing a Taipei community for an untold stretch of time. This possible terrorist had been brazenly walking from car to a car with a cloth and wiping them down until they sparkled. The fiend!

Thankfully, a brave citizen saw their own car being shined by the man and reported him to the proper authorities. Unfortunately, the people of Taipei only had a brief respite from the horrors he unleashed as police released him shortly afterwards.

It turned out that the man was suffering from OCD and was compelled to polish automobiles. The police also considered the fact that cleaning unattended cars was kind of a good thing and not really a crime worth pursuing.

However, when the man was released he immediately pulled out his cloth and began wiping down all of the patrol cars as they were lined up outside the precinct. Presumably afraid for their lives, the officers heroically handed him 100 Taiwan dollars (US$3.36) and asked him to “stop cleaning.”

At that moment he stopped and walked away. He’ll be back though. It’s just a question of when.

Source: Xinhua via Fesoku (Japanese)
Image: Amazon