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Being an anime fan in a Japanese business environment can be rough. Due to the terrible stigmas still surrounding otaku, being open about one’s two-dimensional interests can sometimes lead to discrimination in the workplace. Luckily, for those hard-working anime lovers who wish to wear a symbol of the series that they adore without attracting unwanted attention from their office peers, Cospa has a new line of anime-themed neckties, which capture one’s true otaku spirit while putting up a professional front.

Cospa, one of Japan’s foremost providers of anime apparel, accessories and cosplay, recently began production on a series of neckties that appear perfectly normal on the outside surface but happen to hide an illustrated anime character in the lining. Just take a peek at the underside of the tie’s tip to find a full-color print of an animated beauty.

The newest series to join this line-up of nerdy neckties is Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Each of the five main magical girls has her own discreetly themed necktie based on artwork for the upcoming movie. The surface is striped with colors that reflect each character’s outfit after her transformation. There is also a small, light print of the character’s soul gem centered just above the tie’s widest point. The inside is lined with a full-color image of the magical girl herself, which is visible at the tip when the tie is turned over. Also, the tie’s stabilizing loop on the back is labeled with the character’s name and another image of her soul gem.

These Madoka neckties are scheduled for release mid-January of next year, though presales are set to open in the latter half of November on Cospa’s online store. The ties are listed at 4,725 yen (US$47.95) each, including tax. If you reside within Japan and are interested in owning one, be sure to keep an eye on Cospa for updates on pre-orders and store release dates.

Source: Net Lab (Japanese)
Images: Cospa

▼ Flip over your seemingly normal necktie for a rejuvenating look at your most beloved magical girl.

madoka tie03

▼ The tie appears normal from the front but has hidden meaning on the back.

madoka tie04

▼ The character line-up begins with Madoka Kaname.

madoka tie01

▼ Homura Akemi

madoka tie06

▼ Sayaka Miki

madoka tie10

▼ Mami Tomoe

madoka tie08

▼ And finally, Kyoko Sakura

madoka tie12