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A Taiwanese film production group has released their short film Attack on Railgun, which merges two popular anime series into an incredibly well made and high quality homage. The short combines the worlds and characters from Attack on Titan and A Certain Scientific Railgun to create an exciting new story in the live action movie. Japanese fans of the anime series have been impressed with the CGI, the plot line and especially the fact that all of the actors speak Japanese in the short film!

The Taiwanese company explained that they wanted to make this six-minute long film to combine two anime series that many people love. In the short, Mikasa Ackerman and Misaka Mikoto, the main characters from Attack on Titan and A Certain Scientific Railgun, respectively, meet and use their unique powers to fight a common enemy. Misaka’s roommate and friend Kuroko Shirai also makes an appearance, using her teleporting powers to bring the two worlds together.

▼ Mikasa (left) and Misaka (right) meet for the first time

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Even if you are not a fan of these two anime series, the short film is still a must-see for its great-looking graphics and exciting action scenes. This is the first work from the Taiwanese company Akira Workshop, which was only just established in October, making it all the more impressive.

▼ The two anime heroes face off against a Titan

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Japanese netizens who saw the film were awestruck at the quality of the fan-made short and were quite surprised to find out it was made in Taiwan. They were happy to see that Japanese anime could cross international boundaries and have such passionate fans all over the world.

Wow! This shows how much potential there is for the Taiwanese creative industry.

I cannot wait to see what they come up with next!

It is like Misaka and Mikasa were supposed to be in the same anime all along!

Take a look at the trailer and the full short film below and let us know what you think! We think it is worth a look to see the talent of these Taiwanese anime fans!

▼ The trailer

 ▼ The full short film

Images/Video: YouTube (TaiwanTalentShow), YouTube (TaiwanTalentShow)
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