So, let’s say you wake up one morning, unlock your smartphone, and find yourself bombarded with all caps texts from friends about some “zombie apocalypse.” And probably a few Instagram selfies, too, just to mark the occasion.

You look out the window and, sure enough, there go a few zombies shuffling down the street, moaning about brains.

What would you do??

Sure you might be tempted to run out into the street with a baseball bat, but you should know by now that playing hero only works if you’re an attractive Hollywood star. For the rest of us, the best bet is to run and hide. Too bad for you, you’re almost out of food. Is there nothing you can do?! Well, if you were smart like us, you’d have a packet of Curry of the Dead ready to distract the undead while you run to the nearest Lawson!

Curry of the Dead is a new packaged curry designed to appeal to the walking undead cannibal in all of us. And we got some! Curry, that is, not zombies.


Produced by the Japanese company NAUTS Inc., Curry of the Dead comes in the box pictured above. The English might be a bit mangled, but the concept is clear (and awesome) enough to pique our interest. “When there will be no more vegetables in the curry the dead will walk and eat it,” the box proudly proclaims over the familiar image of zombie hand silhouettes. The package almost looks like a DVD case, though we wouldn’t recommend trying to play it in your new PlayStation 4.


Cooking the Curry of the Dead is as easy as dropping the bag in some boiling water! Perfect for those of us in a rush to eat dinner or to prepare some zombie distraction.


Then, just pour it on a plate and, voila, you’re done! If you’ll be serving the curry to some regular, boring living humans, you can include some rice, though we wouldn’t bother if it’s just zombie bait.


As you can see from the picture, the curry is a deep red–almost exactly like human blood. Aside from the rich, silky tomato-base, there’s not much besides thick, delicious beef. No zombie could possibly ignore the smell of tasty beef and the sight of thick red “blood.” A meal that doesn’t try to run away? Zombie heaven!


And, of course, it’s great for us humans too. While it’s billed as a “zombie counter-measure” product, the manufacturer does say that they were sure to make it good enough for the living as well. And we think they did a fine job! It’s not too rich and it leaves you feeling satisfied, but not over-full. Perfect food for running away from a zombie horde. Now, go buy some before the dead rises. Halloween is only 10 months away!

Curry of the Dead available on Amazon Japan and at specialty retailers like Village Vanguard.

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Images: RocketNews24
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