We’re all familiar with M&M’s, the colorful candy-coated chocolates, but did you know that you could create your very own M&M’s? Okay, perhaps some of you lucky people have visited M&M’s World and already know about this, but for the rest of us who don’t, YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE M&M’s! You can even print your Twitter ID on it! If you don’t have a Twitter account, that’s perhaps the best reason to get one.

Our reporter Kuzo takes us through the customization process!

To date, there are five M&M’s World outlets, located in New York City, Orlando, Las Vegas, London and Henderson in Nevada, respectively. We’re not sure if the customization service is available at all outlets, but the New York City one definitely has it, because that’s where our man Kuzo stopped by!

So, first things first, locate the Personalized M&M’s Station, and get creative! You can personalize the button-sized chocolates with whatever text you want, as long as it fits within two lines of eight characters per line. Create as many as four designs to be printed in a batch.


▼ Got a new Twitter account and want everyone to know about it? These personalized chocolates will do the trick!

▼ Trick or treat? Kuzo pranks his friends with something he thought would be funny.

▼ A receipt with a barcode is then printed out. Be sure to collect it! You’ll need this later.


▼ Next, buy a cup for your candy! The price varies with size, and Kuzo got the regular sized one which cost him US$19.99.

▼ Choose from the huge wall of colorful M&M’s and dispense the colors of your choice into your cup!



▼ Here’s where the bar code comes into play. Scan it under the barcode reader…

▼ … and then pour the candy into the machine!

▼ It’s printing time! The printing process takes about two minutes.

▼ And there you have it: personalized M&M’s!


▼ The smaller prints tend to get a little blurry, so perhaps it’s best to keep your texts short and sweet!


These brightly colored customized candies will definitely brighten up someone’s day! If you don’t have an M&M’s World outlet near you, fret not! You can design your own M&M’s on the My M&M’s website! It probably wouldn’t be as fun as doing it at the store, but at least you’ll get your very own candy-coated chocolate!

And if you’re determined to give it a shot at the retail store, this is the one our reporter visited:

M&M’s World
Address: 1600 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 24:00 daily

Holiday Hours (11/2/2013 – 1/5/2014)
Monday – Thursday
9 AM – Midnight
Friday – Saturday
8 AM – 1 AM

Special Days
12/24 Christmas Eve 8 AM – Midnight
12/25 Christmas Day 10 AM – 1 AM
12/31 New Years Eve 9 AM – 3 PM
1/1 New Years Day 9 AM – 1 AM

Source/Images: RocketNews24
Reference: M&M’s World

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