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Back in October, cosmetics manufacturer Shiseido held its Japan Original Beauty exhibition at the company’s new building in Tokyo’s swanky Ginza district. One of the highlights of the show was a recreation of a portion of the pantheon of characters in long-running manga and anime series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, with special effort placed on duplicating the cast’s wildly styled and colored hairdos.

But with over 100 collected volumes of comics in the series, obviously every character couldn’t be fit into the display. So Shiseido is back again with a group of new additions to its collection of real-life Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures models.

Handling hairstyling and makeup duties is the talented Tadashi Harada. Harada, whose position within Shiseido is listed as “Beauty Top Specialist,” was also the man behind the previous batch of Jojo’s-inspired models.

▼ Harada, whose haircut is looking decidedly pedestrian compared to his own creations

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The most vivid model in the new spread is the woman done up in the style of mafia princess Trish Una, who appears during the Diamonds are Unbreakable arc of the manga series.

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Debuting at roughly the same point in the storyline is the possibly extraterrestrial Mikitaka Hazekura. While the character as he appears in the manga is male, Mikitaka’s real-life model seems to be a woman, although she does still sport his signature nose chain.

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Another platinum-haired character featured in the photo shoot is Terunosuku Miyamoto, a villain from the franchise with the terrifying ability to trap his opponents’ consciousness within sheets of paper.

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Also appearing is Vinegar Doppio, a member of the same organizaiton as Trish who has similarly brightly colored hair.

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And finally, the braided Native American Sandman, also known as Soundman.

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These photos, along with other examples of Harada’s intricate work, appear in a 10-page spread in the February edition of fashion magazine re-quest/QJ.

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