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Cosplaying has become a global hobby. From Hungary to Singapore and many places in between, people just can’t get enough of bringing their favorite fictional characters to life. But with so many costumes to carry around, what’s a traveling cosplayer to do? That’s where Coscase, a new type of suitcase that is specifically designed to support the lifestyle of cosplayers, comes in. Frentrep, the makers of Coscase are looking for backers on Motion Gallery, a funding platform similar to Kickstarter. Assuming you already own your own suitcase, is the Coscase worth an additional suitcase purchase? You decide.

The case features a side holder with belt attachment, perfect for long items like a katana…or you know, an umbrella if you happen to be cosplaying in the rain:


You can also attach smaller items to the side of the suitcase with the help of convenient strap ties:


The case also has extra strap stops to prevent it from opening all the way when standing straight up, perfect for grabbing contents on the go:


Arguably the most appealing feature of the Coscase is its included makeup table that fits in a pouch of the suitcase. Take it out, secure it to the handle, and you’ve got yourself the perfect set-up for on-the-go touchups:


With so many nifty features, the Coscase is perfect for anyone who travels, not just people who have a lot of costumes to carry around. Although cosplayers do make the Coscase look good…

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So is the Coscase worth it? If you’re interested in procuring one for yourself, you can support the endeavor at Motion Gallery (a backing of 15,000 yen [US$146] or more gets you the case). You can also check out all the rolling, costume storing action here:

Source: Net Lab
Images: Motion Gallery