New Shinkansen luggage rules start today, set to make travel more expensive and less convenient

Get out your tape measure, because you might need a more expensive seat and special reservation, or cash to pay an extra charge.

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Hands-free holidaying: Robotic suitcases that follow you around unveiled【Video】

The world of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, or maybe Pixar’s Wall-e, comes a step closer with the demonstration of suitcases with a mind of their own.

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Luggage service lets travelers drop bags at cafes and shops in Japan via English-language website

Boasts a number of advantages over taking your chances with coin lockers at the train station.

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Gorgeous traditional Japanese chest of drawers is also a rolling suitcase 【Video】

Centuries-old aesthetics meet modern travel convenience.

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Insanely cute sushi gifts now available for Japanese travelers to buy for their foreign friends

You know the feeling: you’re a busy Japanese salaryman going on a business trip overseas, waiting for your international flight at Narita Airport, when suddenly you realize that you forgot to buy a present to take to the foreigners you’re going to visit.

Thankfully, now there’s a solution to that problem: sushi t-shirts.

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Who wants to fund the world’s first suitcase designed for cosplayers?

Cosplaying has become a global hobby. From Hungary to Singapore and many places in between, people just can’t get enough of bringing their favorite fictional characters to life. But with so many costumes to carry around, what’s a traveling cosplayer to do? That’s where Coscase, a new type of suitcase that is specifically designed to support the lifestyle of cosplayers, comes in. Frentrep, the makers of Coscase are looking for backers on Motion Gallery, a funding platform similar to Kickstarter. Assuming you already own your own suitcase, is the Coscase worth an additional suitcase purchase? You decide.

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Man Tries his Attempts at Evading Excess Luggage Charges at the Airport by Wearing Over 60 Layers of Clothing!

As with many trips abroad, the purchasing of souvenirs for your friends and family and admittedly, the occasional gift for yourself is a routine common to most. The time and effort invested in making sure you have something for everyone can take its toll not only mentally, but also on the weight of your luggage upon arrival at the airport. “Just how can I get all this stuff through without being charged a fortune?” is I’m sure a fear that goes through the minds of many. When it comes to airport excess luggage costs, the excess cost itself can sometimes even exceed the actual value of the goods being brought back. Whatever is the case, nobody wants be charged excessively for something they’ve already paid for. Whether it be disposing of the gift’s packaging and then diligently placing it in your hand luggage, or if it happen to be a fashion accessory or item of clothing, wearing it as if it were your own, having some form of strategy is arguably better than being completely defenseless against the wrath that is the custom and excise department.

The other day, a man passing though China’s Kantan airport took this idea of ‘wearing your luggage’ to the extreme. Admittedly wrapping yourself in a couple of extra layers isn’t really any reason to warrant criticism and I’m sure it’s something many of us have considered at some point. What we’re talking about here is the act of piling on countless number of layers of clothing at once! Without question, such outrageousness cannot help but raise the suspicion of the airport staff.

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