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Nothing beats a tiring day more than a home cooked meal after fighting the best and the strongest at the World Warrior tournament. The characters of Street Fighter II all need that crucial pick me up and no one gets it better than Dhalsim! His wife, Sally, is always there to supply him with the best homemade curry in the Street Fighter world! His yoga would never be as strong without a bowl of spicy goodness.

Now is your chance to obtain yoga powers in the same way Dhalsim originally did, with curry! From GEEK LIFE, comes Dhalsim’s Home Curry, a perfectly replicated home cooked curry, right down to that special touch from Sally!

Hailing from India, Dhalsim is a humble character who is constantly conflicted with the choice between “fighting and not fighting.” But, he has no such conflicts when deciding between “eating and not eating” his wife’s delicious meals. And soon all of us will get to enjoy this fantastic “home cooked” meal too!

▼Made from habanero puree!

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GEEK LIFE is proud to team up with Capcom, Dhalsim and his family to produce “Dhalsim’s Home Curry,” an adventure of spiciness in your eternal quest for yoga powers. Made with a chicken base that is filled to the brim with spices and love, this curry is almost guaranteed to have you screaming “Yoga Spicy” after each bite. How many packages is it going to take before you can perform “Yoga Flame” and “Yoga Fire”???

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The curry comes in a heat-and-eat package containing enough home cooking for two servings and you will be able to order the packs online from August 26. Netizens are already abuzz at the possibilities:

“From looking at it, it looks spicy.”

“If I eat the curry and Yoga Flames don’t come out, can I file a lawsuit?”

“500 yen (US$4.89) for two servings is expensive!”

“I would try it even without the connection to Dhalsim.”

“They should make a Chun Li instant ramen next.”

If all we need to shoot fireballs from our mouths is a little “yoga” and delicious curry, then sign us up for these yoga classes immediately! Now, if only Capcom would invent a meal that allows us to “Yoga Teleport”!

Source: Hachima Kiko
Images: Capcom Database WikiaGEEK LIFE