For a country where rice is eaten at almost every meal, Japan has a surprising number of bakeries and pâtisseries. One stroll down the street of any city and eventually you’re likely to pass by the drifting aroma of freshly-baked bread and other sweet treats. Japanese bakeries aren’t afraid to have a little fun with their pan, either–just check out this Hello Kitty bread, Suica penguin bread, and these, well, rather unfortunate but hilarious attempts at capturing the essence of Doraemon, Totoro, and other popular characters!

Of course, you may want to stay clear of the bread in the above picture unless you’re an aspiring coleopterist (yes, that’s a word) or looking to gross out your younger siblings!

One unassuming Japanese Twitter user posted about her amazing discovery at a bakery the other day:

“I wanted to introduce this shocking bread I found yesterday”

The bread is labeled simply as kuwagata, which means ‘stag beetle’ in Japanese. It’s incredibly realistic looking and as you can see from the price tag, it will only set you back 280 yen (US$2.74). Not bad if you’re just looking to pull a prank on your roommate when they open the bread drawer!

Of course, the real question remains–like with those chocolate Easter bunnies, should you go for the mandibles first, or last? It’s a tough call…

Source: Hamusoku
Image: Twitter – @tono_donoyukko