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Krispy Kreme fukubukuro lucky bag comes with cute limited-edition doughnuts for New Year in Japan

Gifts so good the diet will just have to wait until another day. 

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Krispy Kreme’s new line of doughnuts offers plenty of Japanese tea goodness

“Wacha” doughnuts combine Japanese tea flavors with classic doughnut sweetness for delectable-looking results!

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Meet your favorite Sesame Street characters at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in Japan

Once again, Krispy Kreme gives us a line of doughnuts that are way too cute to eat!

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Krispy Kreme puts up a New Year’s line of donuts and we’re ready to scarf them down

Glitzy red and gold decor, plus boar and snowman shapes. These donuts will start your year off sweet!

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We attend the grand opening of the very first Krispy Kreme store in Hokkaido

More than 200 people lined up to be the first ever to get their doughnut fix on Japan’s northernmost island.

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【Lucky Bag Roundup 2018】Krispy Kreme ups their game in these trying times for donuts

With a simple wish to start your year off with some tasty donuts, Krispy Kreme delivers big in this year’s bag.

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Say hello to the new Easter doughnut range from Krispy Kreme Japan

Easter is the time to eat cute ladybugs in Japan.

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New Krispy Kreme premium range includes sakura and matcha green tea doughnut cakes

The new luxury doughnuts are being billed as miniature cakes thanks to their creamy, delectable fillings.

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Krispy Kreme set to release new “Sweet America” range of doughnuts in Japan

The limited-edition collection features doughnuts dressed up with M&M’s, Oreo biscuits and Hershey’s chocolates.

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We try the new Christmas doughnut range from Krispy Kreme Japan before its release

Come with us as we take a look inside the cream-filled presents and snowman-shaped doughnuts ahead of their official release.

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We try the new Krispy Kreme Halloween doughnuts before their official release!

From a melon soda monster to a mummy filled with purple ooze, these awesome new designs and flavours make this range one of their best releases yet!

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Summer sweetness arrives at Krispy Kreme Japan as colorful watermelon and lemon shaped doughnuts!

The new summer offerings from Krispy Kreme Japan are not only mouth-watering, but also eye-popping as well!

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Krispy Kreme Japan adds cute anime-style horse doughnut to their range at one store only

There’s just one store in the world that sells these and they’re available for eight days only.

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Forget cups and cones – Krispy Kreme Japan is sandwiching its ice cream inside doughnuts!

Just think of all the time you’ll save with delicious dessert multi-tasking!

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We try Krispy Kreme Japan’s new Easter doughnuts ahead of their release on March 23

Why have chocolate eggs this year when you can have adorable Easter doughnuts instead?

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Krispy Kreme Japan’s adorable Easter chick donut is back with sakura and strawberry friends

With just one month of winter left, it’s time to start looking ahead for all the great things spring promises. And while we’re all happy about getting some extra daylight and the prospect of being able to wear fewer than three layers of clothes whenever we step out our front door, we’re even more excited that Krispy Kreme Japan is once again whipping up a special group of Easter donuts, which promise to be just as adorable as they were last year and possibly even more delicious.

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Ho ho ho! Merry Krispy Kreme Christmas donuts are here!

Japan has really started embracing Halloween over the past few years, but that doesn’t mean the country has adopted every Western holiday. For example, no one really has American-style Thanksgiving celebrations here, which means there’s no reason to wait until December to get into the Christmas mood.

So as soon as Halloween is over, you can start expecting the signs of Christmas, and along with Christmas lights and Christmas trees, this year you can look forward to some sweet and adorable Christmas donuts from Krispy Kreme.

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Awesome Halloween Krispy Kreme donuts will make you a treat-giving hero

For years, the conventional wisdom was that Japan was only interested in dainty, mild desserts with Japanese roots. That myth was shattered, though, when companies like Krispy Kreme came into the market and found instant success selling sweets that are unabashedly, well, sweet.

There’s more to Krispy Kreme’s popularity in Japan than the universal appeal of a flavorful donut, though. The North Carolina-based donut company has adapted to the local practice of special seasonal treats, and is getting ready for Halloween early with the release this month of its Krispy Skremes lineup.

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Krispy Kreme Japan brings us more doughnut ice cream sundaes and sweet tea summertime treats!

Okay, when Krispy Kreme Japan came out with the sinfully delectable-looking doughnut ice cream sundaes in April this year, we kind of thought they were the dessert of our dreams. Well, the original doughnut ice cream sundaes we introduced to you in our previous article may be available only until July 14, but luckily for us, sweets makers and pastry chefs always seem to have a way of coming up with another new dream dessert. This time, it’s still a lovely doughnut and ice cream creation, but in a new refreshing flavor with a Japanese twist — matcha green tea! And they also have other new delightful snacks and drinks as well that will all be coming out later this month, so let’s take a look at the new Krispy Kreme offerings, and hope the wait until they become available won’t drive us crazy! Read More

Krispy Kreme Japan makes the dessert of our dreams: Doughnut ice cream sundaes

I don’t know about you, but whenever I walk by a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop, I always peek at the “Hot Doughnut” sign to see if they’ve just recently finished making a batch of those delicious glazed doughnuts. And if that orange beacon is lit up, my wallet is going to be a few coins short while my tastebuds thank me through every last bite. Because, let’s face it, even if you’ve just had a massive lunch, there’s always room for a piping hot doughnut, fresh from the fryer.

And what makes warm baked goods even better? Ice cream of course. We can only assume that’s why Krispy Kreme Japan has unveiled a new doughnut ice cream sundae…but why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

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