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There is no one – we repeat, no one – who has called themselves a Pokemon fan and hasn’t wished they could have their own Pikachu; his cute quotient is just too high. Well, Pocket Monster devotees, you’re in luck, because this 1/1 scale Pikachu plush is the closest you’re ever going to come to actually catching the franchise’s most popular character. BEAMS, the creators of almost-real-life-Pikachu, have even made him true-to-weight. Coming in at a hefty 6 kg (13 lbs), this cuddly Pikachu weighs more than the average cat!

If you already didn’t know, Pikachu is 40 centimeters (15.7 inches) tall, and that’s exactly the height of his squishy, plushie version.



BEAMS, the Japanese clothing company behind this 1/1 recreation, even produced a carrying bag so you can tote your Pocket Monster around in style:

▼ So cute. Want to die.


If you’re thinking that this Pikachu is a bit pudgy, you’re absolutely right. BEAMS used the original 1996 version of Pikachu as their inspiration, giving him a chubby, rotund body and short arms and legs.

▼ Aww, look at that round bottom!


You can buy life-sized Pikachu on the BEAMS website starting October 20. Unfortunately, science/nature has yet to bring us an actual electric rodent (and no, a mouse that got stuck in a light socket doesn’t count), so you’ll have to dish out 17,000 yen (US$155) for the closest thing to a real Pikachu modern technology can provide.

Source: IT Media
Images: BEAMS