When it comes to limited-edition beverages, Pepsi continues to rise to the occasion year after year. And just when we thought we’d seen the last of Pepsi’s seasonal releases for 2015 with their mystery-flavoured Halloween range, they go and announce a special Christmas present, with the release of a new Pepsi White Cola for this year’s winter season.

On sale from 8 December for 151 yen (US$1.25), the Pepsi White Cola features silver-patterned packaging with gold-lettering, which, they tell us, is perfect for the “party season”.


The limited-edition beverage is the latest in a long line of flavours that have stepped away from using traditional, dark Cola-coloured hues. There was a green, ice cucumber variation back in 2007, followed by Blue Hawaii the following year, and even a Pepsi Pink in 2014.


A white-coloured, yoghurt-flavoured Pepsi was actually released in 2008, and was then re-released four years later in a mikan (Japanese mandarin) flavour.

▼ Snowmen everywhere are crying for not being re-released with this year’s White version.


It’s been three long years since we’ve seen white cola on the shelves in Japan, and this time round we’re being promised a more refreshing citrus flavour. With mikan having a more subtle zing than most citrus fruits, we’re hoping that means this one will pack a real orangey punch. A white cola that tastes like an orange? That’s definitely something to cure the winter blues this season!

Source: Fashion Press
Top Image: Suntory
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