These innovative sweets are exclusive to one part of Japan.

We often talk about Mister Donut and their marvelous collaboration menu items and seasonal sweets, but Krispy Kreme continues to prove that they won’t be left behind. For the first time ever, they’re teaming up with Kasugai, a well-known Japanese snack and candy brand, to make two deliciously unique donuts and one delectable frozen drink.

Kasugai was founded in Nagoya in 1928, and they make a lot of really popular Japanese snacks and candies, including Marugoto Kajutsu fruit gummies and konpeito candy stars. To have them teaming up to make donuts with Krispy Kreme–it’s like a candy lover’s dream come true!

Three of Kasugai’s most popular products are represented: Green Mame, a crunchy snack made from dried green peas, Tsubugumi, which are fruit-flavored jelly bean-like gummies, and Hana no Kuchizuke, a candy flavored with Japanese plum that comes in cute floral packets.

The most unique concoction might be the Crushed Green Mame Donut, which is 367 yen (US$2.55) for takeout and 374 yen to eat in-store. It’s one of Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed donuts coated in white chocolate, then generously topped with lightly crushed Green Mame pieces. The sweet and fluffy donut and the crunchy, salty Green Mame really serve to draw out each other’s flavors while also contrasting the different textures, making this a delightfully sweet and salty snack.

The Tsubugumi Fruit Yogurt Donut (367 yen for takeout/374 yen for eat-in) has a pop of color since it makes use of Kasugai’s fruit-flavored gummies. This too is an Original Glazed donut coated with mildly sweet white chocolate, but with fruity, refreshing yogurt cream mixed into the dough. It has a different texture from other Krispy Kreme donuts, and that, coupled with the multi-flavored Tsubugumi sprinkled on top, guarantees you’ll have a unique experience with every bite.

The last collaboration menu item is a drink: the Krispy Frozen Hana no Kuchizuke drink (637 yen for takeout and 649 yen for eat-in). It’s essentially a frozen drink version of Kasugai’s popular Hana no Kuchizuke candy, which is flavored with sumomo, or Japanese plums. Since they taste a bit like peaches, this blended drink is made with a peach sauce that contains peach puree, as well as milk and Hana no Kuchizuke candies. With a creamy flavor that’s both sweet and sour, this could be the perfect, refreshing drink for summer. It’s also perfect for Hana no Kuchizuke fans since every order of this frozen drink comes with a free small package of individually-packed Hana no Kuchizuke candy, but only while supplies last.

These delicious-sounding collab items are only available at select Krispy Kreme branches in Kasugai’s home prefecture of Aichi. The two donuts can be found in Kaguyama at the MiO Kaguyama branch, in Togo at the Lalaport Aichi Togo branch, and in Nagoya at the Aeon Mall Nagoya Dome-mae branch, the Aeon Mall Odaka branch, the JR Nagoya Takashimaya Branch, the Noritakeshinmachi branch. The Krispy Frozen Hana no Kuchizuke is even more exclusive; it can only be purchased in Nagoya at Aeon Mall Nagoya Dome-mae and the Aeon Mall Odaka branches, and in Togo at the Lalaport Aichi Togo branch.

All three limited-edition menu items are only available in limited quantities, and will only be on their respective menus until September 12. So if you’re heading to Aichi, either as a tourist or to visit family for the Obon season, this is your chance to try some super exclusive donuts and a completely unique drink.

Source, images: Krispy Creme
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