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McDonald’s Japan may not be able to offer you medium or large-size fries right now, but if you’re into sweets, it may be some consolation that they’ll have some special desserts on the menu for a limited time early next year. Yes, back by popular demand, two flavors of Pie a la Mode will be offered by the hamburger chain, and we’re sure there are fans out there already feeling their mouths water at the thought of a hot apple pie mixed with sweet, cold ice cream!

McDonald’s Japan first came out with the Pie ala Mode in October last year in two flavors: Strawberry and Chocolate. They also released a Maple flavor in March this year, and this time they’ll be bringing back the two flavors which apparently were particularly popular, Chocolate and Maple.

▼Both flavors of the Pie a la Mode involve hot apple pies served on ice-cold soft serve ice cream. This is the “Pie a la Mode Chocolate“, which comes with a tantalizingly dark chocolate sauce poured all over it.
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▼And here’s the “Pie a la Mode Maple Flavor“, covered in a  golden-brown maple flavored syrup. Mmmm! We don’t know about you, but we’d have a hard time choosing between the two flavors! pie 2

The Pie a la Modes will be available at McDonald’s across Japan for a price of 250 yen (US$2.08) per cup starting on January 6 next year, so those of you in Japan will know where to go to if you get tired of the New Year’s osechi food and you want to have something sinfully sweet for a change.

Sure, this time of year, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to think about how quickly a whole year has gone by, but if you enjoy sweets, this may at least give you something to look forward to when the new year arrives!

Source: Nikkei press release (Japanese) via ITmedia (Japanese)
Photos: Nikkei press release