In general, we expect people to be able to identify their family on sight, even if it’s just from the backs of their heads. After all, for better or worse, these are the people we grew up with, right? Who couldn’t pick their little sister out of a crowd based on nothing more than their profile or haircut?

Well, probably not many people, if we’re being honest. Hey, we may love our families, but we’re not spies. But it’s completely different when you mistake someone else for your sister when they’re not even the same species! Just ask this embarrassed manga artist, who had the sense of humor to post about her error on Twitter so we could all have a good laugh.

The photo above is one of two that Memeko Arii, a manga artist known for her many boys love comics, tweeted with the message: “I mistook this for my younger sister and started a conversation with her. (Her hair has really grown out.)”

Well, it does kind of look like the back of a little sister’s head, we suppose. We can see how, if you thought you were home alone with you sibling, you might not pay much attention before speaking to them. But that begs the question: just who the hell was Memeko actually speaking to?! We really hope this isn’t the start of a scaaaaary ghost story…

▼ Oh.

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Yep, it looks like Memeko’s sister and dog have the same hair cut. Though considering how pretty the dog’s hair is, that might not be as much of an insult as it might first seem…

▼ Someone get this dog a contract with Vidal Sassoon!

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You may also be wondering about Memeko’s art as well. It’s actually pretty awesome if you ask us! So awesome, in fact, we chose a few pieces to share with you.

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You can find Memeko’s work on Amazon Japan and Rakuten. Be sure to follow the artist on Twitter and Pixiv as well.

Now, we just hope that either her dog or her sister gets a haircut soon. We bet she’d feel pretty awful if this kind of mistake happened again!

Sources: Twitter (@memecocco), Togech
Images: Twitter (@memecocco)