Cats are peculiar creatures. Now, don’t get us wrong; we love them and their furry little faces, but they certainly do have some odd habits. From playing with showers to hogging your keyboard, they always seem to know just where to be to cause the maximum amount of inconvenience.

But no matter how inconveniencing your cat may be, we doubt you’ll have as much trouble as this guy who’s literally covered in cats! You might think drowning is cats is awesome, but…well, okay, you’re right. It totally is! But the real question here is: Why do these cats like this middle-aged man so much?!

Having one cat in your lap is awesome. Two cats in your lap? That’s still awesome, but we think once you have to three or more squeezing on there, things are getting a bit out of control.

▼ Things are definitely out of control for this gentleman!

The YouTube video above, which bears the English title “Middle-aged man is liked by cat,” was initially posted in 2012, but it recently exploded in popularity online thanks to a post on the Japanese website Karapaia.

The video simply shows a middle-aged man lying on his back on the floor, completely still. Almost inexplicably, the cats in the house seem to be drawn to him, settling into position on top of the man, each of them carefully selecting a body part to call their own.


As for why the cats are drawn to this guy, we really have no idea. The YouTube user who uploaded the video seems equally miffed, writing in not-quite-right English, “Maybe the middle-aged man also good body odor? lol.” Well, that explanation makes as much sense as anything we can come up with, so we suppose he might just have the right scent to be a cat magnet.

And we can’t help thinking that if someone could just isolate the aroma that’s drawing cats to this guy, a fortune could be made selling “cat perfume.” All the cat lovers could then spend their days bathing in kitties!


Internet commenters were as jealous as you might expect:

“If I am reborn, I want to be this guy.”
“I’m so jealous!!”
“I guess he just raised them with love. I’m so jealous of him!”
“Aren’t they just connecting all of his chakras?”
“Having a cat sit on your chest is great. Having it sit with its butt in your face is not.”
“Heaven must be just like this!”
“I’m so jealous! I want cats to like me too.”
“It’s because cats and dogs like smelly things.”

Ouch! We think this commenter let his jealousy get the best of him!

Well, regardless of the reason why these cats love this middle-aged man, we definitely want to spend a day in his slippers. Maybe multiple days. Bring on the kitties, please!

Sources: Karapaia, YouTube (pinkpaper2011)
Images: YouTube (pinkpaper2011)