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Attack on Titan’s adaptations to other forms of media have been sort of hit-and-miss. Sure, the animated TV series that followed up on the success of the original manga is the anime industry’s biggest hit in decades, but kind words for the two live-action movies have been few and far between.

Still, the upcoming video game version looks pretty cool, and as further proof that the series can still be cool in new formats is this awesome fan-produced stop-motion video that’s a crossover between Attack on Titan and Godzilla.

Jordan Tseng’s expertise may be with stop-motion models and CG, but the Taiwanese animator also apparently has a love for hand-drawn art and rubber suit practical effects. His newest project is a stop-motion retelling of Attack on Titan.

The first episode, “Shocked,” even seems to be trying to correct a problem that many fans have with the original show by jettisoning series protagonist Eren and instead putting the spotlight on cool-as-ice warrior Mikasa.

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Much like the canonical Attack on Titan, Tseng’s version takes place in a city with medieval architecture and a surrounding wall that gets breached by naked and creepy colossi that hunger for flesh.

▼ None of the other Attack on Titan regulars show up, but Steins;Gate’s Kurisu makes a cameo.

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But while Mikasa is fine standing around while one resident gets eaten, she’ll be damned if she’s going to let two of her neighbors die, so she springs into action, whipping out her blades and zipping across the skyline with her 3-D maneuver gear.

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As fans of the original Attack on Titan can already predict, the monsters don’t stand a chance, because this is Mikasa we’re talking about here. She makes short work of her opponents, and despite their being made out of wood, there’s quite a lot of viscera produced in the Titan takedown.

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But just when it looks like Mikasa has saved the day, she hears another thunderous footstep. Could it be another Titan?

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Nope, it’s Godzilla!

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Mercilessly, the video ends just seconds later, although Tseng is promising four more episodes in the series. While waiting for the second, you can pass the time by checking out some of his other projects, like these cool Fate/Stay Night and Dragonball fights.

But how will Mikasa respond to her city’s newest threat? Will she conclude that living to fight another day is the best choice, and look for a stop-motion escape vehicle? Or will the experienced giant-killer stand her ground and fight?

We can’t wait to find out.

Source: YouTube/Jordan Tseng h/t Kotaku Japan
Images: YouTube/Jordan Tseng