Last autumn Japan was treated to a new way to enjoy KFC: Kentucky Fried Fish. At that time our reporter Kuzo was lucky enough to sample a few sticks before the entire nation converged on the fast food chain and devoured the crispy battered fish sticks faster than KFC could supply them.

As a result the KFF campaign came to an abrupt halt in under two weeks time due to lack of ingredients. However, from 6 February, KFC Japan says they have reworked their logistics and are reviving Kentucky Fried Fish! This time we sent in Megu to check it out.

Kentucky’s version of an English dish… In Japan!
Megu first ordered a set of fried fish sticks that measured about the length of her palm. She was well versed in the ways of fast food fish so braced herself to scoop up her flimsy breaded meat.

However, much to her surprise the fish was fried crispy enough that she could hold it up easily with one hand. Even better, despite this the fish inside was delectably moist. This isn’t like other fast food fish that are better described as “damp,” this fish was genuinely moist.

And to complete the hat trick, the fish had that signature KFC seasoning that’s made the chain so popular and drove people in hordes to pick up Kentucky Fried Fish the last time.

Now in a sandwich!
For the KFF revival, KFC has added a fish sandwich to the line-up. At first glance Megu was unimpressed. It looked just like the fish sticks she just had but with a bun. Under the threat of mediocrity, she carried on and took a bite of the sandwich.

Sure enough she wasn’t disappointed. KFC had hidden a secret weapon lined in the buns interior: basil sauce. The herbs were a perfect match for the previously described freshness of the fish. Combined with the zesty tartar sauce, crispy batter, and soft bread, everything was just right.

Less is more
Before going to KFC Megu learned from Kuzo that his one regret was not trying the fish without the tartar sauce. The advertisements all show the fish slathered in the white goo, but to him it seemed the fish could stand on its own.

Not wanting to miss the chance, Megu grabbed some sticks to go and had them with plain salt. Indeed, it was better than with the sauce. The tartar sauce was pretty good, but she recommends saving it for some lesser quality fish that may come your way. When it comes to KFF, you’re best to keep it au naturel.

It would seem that Megu didn’t have to rush and Kuzo will get his second chance after all. KFC Japan issued a statement saying that they are well stocked to offer KFF for a reasonable amount of time now.

“For this revival, we could order a sufficient amount of ingredients to meet demand. Please enjoy [Kentucky Fried Fish] without worry. We look forward to serving you.” (KFC Japan)

If their words hold true, that means Japan will be able to relax and enjoy Kentucky Fried Fish with tartar sauce, with salt, heck even with some blood if it’s still around for Valentine’s Day.

Source: KFC Japan
Original article by Megu Sawai

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