Every year on June 30 there’s one particular girl who receives birthday messages from thousands of people around the world. Rather than respond to them all personally on Facebook like most of us would, this young lady gives back the love by protecting the planet in the form of Sailor Moon.

This year, a special cafe will be opened in her honour for a four-day long birthday party featuring themed drinks, desserts and even a special birthday cake for visitors to enjoy. We take a look at what’s in store for Usagi-chan’s birthday party after the break.

Anion Station, a cafe and bar operated by Namco in Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood, will be hosting the birthday party from Saturday, June 27 to Tuesday, June 30. While a similar cafe appeared in the same spot briefly during the month of April to commemorate the TV screening of the popular Sailor Moon Crystal anime series, this time they’ve made additions to the menu, including a birthday plate for customers wanting to channel their inner Sailor Senshi.

▼ From top left to bottom right we have: Crystal Star Pancakes (the birthday version for Usagi-chan), Small Lady’s 3 p.m. Afternoon Snack (in honour of Chibiusa), I Want To Eat Usagi’s Favorite Waffle With Mamoru, Ami and Rei’s Water and Flame Concerto with Blue Jelly, and Mako and Minako’s Love Me Thunder waffle with green tea ice cream and chocolate sauce.


All dishes are priced at 1,000 yen (US$8) and come complete with a choice between two original place mats. The drinks are all 700 yen ($5.65) with a special cookie and your choice from two coasters.

▼ From top left to bottom right: Happy Birthday Usako (pineapple soda and strawberry gelato), Pink Sugar Strawberry (strawberry syrup with Calpis and fresh cream), Blue Aqua Mist (pineapple soda with Calpis), Berry Berry Driving Away Evil Spirits (cranberry and strawberry), Melon Flower Hurricane (melon soda with rose) and Orange Crescent Beam (orange soda with mango)


There’s even an event called Jukebox Rock On! where you can simply tweet your favourite Sailor Moon song request and they’ll play it for you! Fans can also shop at a special merchandise store to pick up some keepsakes and there will be a screening of a climactic series episode at 11 p.m. on Monday evening.


To join in the birthday celebrations, a booking on their website is absolutely necessary. With a 90-minute reservation system and most slots already sold out, this is gearing up to be the party of the year!

Source and images: NAMCO
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