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The Japanese have a knack for doing things in such a way that are just satisfying to watch. Whether it’s traditional Japanese carpenters putting together pieces of wood perfectly or a grown man in a pink bunny suit bonding with rabbits, there’s no shortage of videos that make you feel like everything is right in the world.

And the next video to add to the list of things to make you go “ahh:” a Japanese knife-sharpening master turning a rusted kitchen knife into what could pass for a brand new tool. Prepare to feel like the air around you tastes a little sweeter as you watch the rust melt away with his delicate yet masterful technique.

Watch how this master craftsman turns something that looks like an object you’d find in a decaying cabin in Fallout 4 (Charisma-Level-10-Wink-And-Finger-Point for topical video game reference) into something you’d be happy to see a sushi chef slicing and dicing your dinner with.

▼ Yikes, that looks pretty bad. Is there any hope to save it?

knife sharpening 01

▼ First he starts off by scraping away the excess rust.

knife sharpening 02

▼ But that still leaves plenty of rust in the most important area: the blade’s edge.

knife sharpening 03

▼ The only way to get rid of that is through lots and lots of sharpening.

knife sharpening 04

▼ Lots and lots of sharpening….

knife sharpening 05

Lots and lots of sharpening….

knife sharpening 06

▼ But in the end, it’s worth it! It’s like a brand new knife. Oh, excuse me, I need to pick my jaw up from the floor.

knife sharpening 07

▼ His little note at the end says that he usually uses a mechanical grinder to clean/sharpen knives like that, but just did it with his hands this time because why not?

knife sharpening 08

Japanese netizens were as stunned by the transformation the knife went through as we were. But even more than the master sharpener himself, they were entertained by the chatter of the women watching him do his work, especially the one at the end who asks him “Oh, are you already finished?”

“It’s so bright and shiny now. That must be one happy knife.”
“The old ladies babbling on while he was working were hilarious.”
“It’s so cool seeing a rusted, broken tool reborn.”
“I can’t believe he did it just with his hands and no power tools.”
“Hey, can you come to my kitchen? I need you to work your magic on my knives….”

Apparently sharpening things is this guy’s passion, since his YouTube channel is filled with other videos of him sharpening and cleaning blades. If you’re feeling a little rusty yourself, then check it out; it might just make you feel bright and shiny again.

Source/insert images: YouTube/TOGITOGI
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