shiba duo 1

How many adorable pictures could our favorite cosplaying Shiba Inus take in six months?

Twitter user C_Suzuki (@C_S0325) has a pair of super cute dogs named S and H. We’ve been avid followers of their antics and stylish costumes since last year, and we felt a new year should start off right with tons of pictures of costumed dogs. Seriously, how can you not fall in love with these two?

▼ H-chan’s copslay 2015

▼ S-kun’s cosplay 2015

▼ Compilations of the two cosplaying together last year. Be still our beating hearts!

The cold weather and holiday season didn’t seem to slow down the cosplaying couple, as fans have been witness to a constant stream of new photos.

▼ Something seems fishy about these two…

▼ Sailor Moon and moon

▼ Oh Christmas treats, Oh Christmas treats! Such pleasure do you bring me!

▼ Stay safe on the roads.

▼ Merry Christmas!

▼ Those takoyaki look suspiciously like tennis balls.

▼ Every version of Peter Pan should be with dogs.

▼ Happy New Year!

▼ The Year of the Monkey never looked so good.

▼ Maybe they can figure out the U.S. Powerball jackpot numbers!

These patient pooches definitely have a great year ahead of them, and we certainly can’t wait for our Twitter feeds to update with more photos of them. Be sure to follow C_Suzuki on Twitter to keep up with all of S-kun and H-chan’s new costumes!

Top image: Twitter/@C_S0325