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It turns out neko means more than just “cat” in Japanese.

One of the first Japanese words many people learn when studying the language is neko, which means “cat.” But Japanese is filled with homonyms, and neko can also refer to a type of traditional clothing that looks a snugly fitting cape.

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The half-tunic like garments are strongly associated with the Nagiso region of mountainous Nagano Prefecture, where they helped kept farmers’ backs warm without impeding the use of their arms and hands.

The designers at Felissimo, the Japanese brand of cat-themed apparel and housewares, decided it was time someone create a neko-shaped neko, and this is the result.

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With two adjustable shoulder straps, the neko slips on like a backpack. The hood has ears (of course) and there’re also feet and a cute little tail. Felissimo boasts that the moderate length means that kids can wear the neko too, and also that adults won’t have to take it off when sitting down to go to the bathroom.

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The neko is ordinarily priced at 3,496 yen (US$29), but can currently be ordered from Felissimo here at a discount for just 3,150 yen. It’s available in five colors, aside from the gray seen above (strap colors shown in the circular sections).

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On the other hand, if you’d rather your piggy-backing kitty fashion help you carry your belongings, Felissimo also has a cat-shaped backpack.

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From behind, you’ll draw double-takes thanks to the ears and tail. Meanwhile, the shoulder straps are colored to create the visual effect of a cat’s forelegs, complete with paw prints on the inside surface.

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On the outside, there’s a pocket for holding things you want to be able to grab at a moment’s notice…

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…while inside you’ll find a paw print-pattern lining, A4-size document pocket, and attached pouch with an elastic opening.

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The backpack, which can be ordered here, is priced at 5,084 yen. Felissimo sweetens the deal by tossing in a kitty coin purse for no additional charge.

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And if that’s still not enough carrying capacity, you can always pick up one of Felissimo’s water-resistant drawstring cat pouches here for 1,454 yen.

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Their soft lining provides extra cushioning, and can also be flipped out and used as a fast-drying towel.

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Making purring noises as you rub your cheeks against the material is optional but, we assume, highly recommended.

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