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Physics continue to get weird in Capcom’s latest fighting video game.

Video game developer Capcom just released the hotly anticipated Street Fighter V, the newest installment in its seminal fighting series. But along with new combat techniques such as V-Triggers and V-Skills, there’s one other element of the game that’s been getting a lot of attention: If selected by the second player, the female characters’ breasts bounce, float, and jiggle with wild abandon.

Some critics are wagging their fingers at Capcom for sneaking in a bit of secret saucy fan service. The effect is most noticeable on First Lady of Fighting Games Chun-Li, whose second player chest now undulates with the enhanced reality of a Dead or Alive beach volleyball player/pole dancer.

But a phenomena some Street Fighter V players have observed seems to suggest that maybe all that jiggling isn’t because Capcom is trying to punch up Chun-Li’s sex appeal, but because the Chinese martial artist herself can somehow negate the laws of gravity.

▼ Jump to the 25-second mark to see what we’re talking about.

In the video, we see Chun-Li squaring off against Spanish ninja Vega (or Balrog, as he’s known in Japan). As two of the series’ most agile characters, the battle is filled with high-flying acrobatics and powerful kicks.

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Suddenly, the pair spot simultaneous gaps in each other’s defenses. Chun-Li flips behind Vega, unleashing a powerful kick towards the back of his head, just as the masked fighter rises leaps up to slash at her.

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And then, things get really crazy.

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Rather than come back down to finish the fight, Vega just keeps going and going, almost like he heard the cries of people in trouble and flew off like Superman to help. As the camera rises above the streets of the Indian metropolis, we can hear Chun-Li grunt as she makes a few efforts to jump up and stay in-frame, but alas, apparently her mastery of chi is not as advanced as Vega’s, and she fails to achieve liftoff.

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YouTube uploader wryfyx wasn’t the only gamer who had this happen, either. Japanese Twitter user @4eajt experienced something similar while using Street Fighter V’s training mode.

The glitch seems to be triggered when Vega performs his attack during a cross-up attack by his opponent, in which the attack comes when the character model has not yet repositioned itself to be facing its opponent. Perhaps it’s not so surprising that Street Fighter V’s gameplay has a few hiccups, considering that Capcom was in such a rush to release the game that it has a severely truncated story mode and complete lacks a single-player arcade mode.

It’s likely a patch is in the works that will remove Vega’s flamboyant flights, along with the female characters’ bouncy breasts. For the time-being, though, it’s not just Dead or Alive’s jiggle physics that can be found in Street Fighter V, but also fighting games Marvel vs. Capcom’s vertically scrolling arenas and Guilty Gear’s one-hit match-ending killstrikes.

Source: Hachima Kiko
Images: YouTube/wryfyx