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Here’s a hint, this fruity flavor comes before the cherry blossoms.

Morinaga Caramels are the perfect candy for when you’re craving something sweet, and their original packaging design from 1913 is a model case of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Over the years a number of different flavors have been added to the lineup, including azuki (sweet red beans) and matcha green tea. And of course, because they are a Japanese company, plenty of seasonal flavors have been rolled out over their 103-year history. However, on February 23, they released a brand new flavor called Nanko Ume!

▼ Also known as Nanko Plum!

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Nanko ume are known as the best plums in all of Japan due to their excellent taste and texture. Usually these plums are used for high-quality umeboshi (pickled plums) or umeshu (plum wine), but this year these famous fruits get the added bonus of being a Morinanga Caramel flavor. These chewy treats, packed with nanko ume flavor, mix sour and sweet in perfect caramel harmony.

The packaging design also expertly fuses elements of spring with the classic Morinaga Caramel design Japanese sweet fans know and love. Each little box of joy will be 123 yen (US$1), so be sure to grab some from your local Japanese convenience store or candy aisle today. Like all seasonal products in Japan, when time runs out, you won’t be able to find them anymore!

Source: Entabe
Top image: Morinaga, Wakayama Prefecture Website (edited by RocketNews24)
Inset image: Morinaga