Japanese salted plum industry in dire straits, according to umeboshi company’s tweet

The average Japanese household is eating fewer pickled plums than ever.

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How to make epic umeboshi like a Japanese grandpa

92-year-old shares his recipe for making the best pickled plums. 

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Japan getting special spring caramel flavor, but this time it’s not sakura

Here’s a hint, this fruity flavor comes before the cherry blossoms.

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Plum crazy Wakayama’s local take on Tabasco sauce is made with Japanese plums

There’s a pretty lengthy list of traditional seasonings Japan uses for its indigenous cuisine, including soy sauce, wasabi, and the sweet rice wine called mirin. But one condiment from overseas that the country has warmly embraced is Tabasco sauce, a dash of which is often added to pasta and pizza in casual dining.

But foodies in Japan love taking foreign foodstuffs and mixing them with a domestic element, which is why one company in Japan is now selling a Tabasco-like hot sauce you won’t find anywhere else, since it’s made with tangy plums.

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