Double-dose of kitty cuddles is a heart-melting display of layered cuteness.

So let’s say you’re a cat owner who’s in need of a little snuggling. The obvious thing to do is to pick your kitty up in your arms and give him a gently loving squeeze, right?

But what if you’re the owner of not only a mature cat, but also a precious little kitten, like Japanese Twitter user @tkmt0629? It’s not like you can just leave the little guy out of the cuddle session, so a group hug is definitely in order.

Now you could scoop up one feline in each arm, but it seems like @tkmt0629 isn’t the only one whose heart melts when gazing upon his snowy white kitten.

While @tkmt0629 held the elder cat in his arms, it in turn cradled the junior kitty in an adorable chain reaction of hugs.

One online commenter marveled at the cat’s maternal instinct, but @tkmt0629 pointed out that the older cat, named Natsu, is actually a male. Nevertheless, it seems to have a caring parental attitude, judging from the affectionate and protective attitude it’s showing in these photos.

In addition to multiple cats, we’re going to go out on a limb and guess that @tkmt0629 also owns a tripod of some sort that was used to take this picture. Granted, he never mentions the equipment, but since we can see both of his arms in the photos he tweeted, he obviously didn’t snap it himself, and we can’t imagine anyone else could have done it for him without also getting in on the snuggling action.

Source: Hamusoku, Twitter/@tkmt0629