Whether you’re in love with your partner or an anime star, now you can capture their vocals forever with some very personal jewellery.

If you’re looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind item as a present for yourself or a loved one, the Encode Ring is one of the most beautiful options out there. Created by a designer in Japan who was after a special gift for White Day, a romantic day of the year when men give presents to women in return for Valentine’s Day, the personalised product captures the essence of a loved one in a way that no other jewellery can.

Customers are able to design the rings online by recording their own voice, or the voice of a loved one, on the Encode Ring website. The three-second vocal waveform is then captured and recreated in 3-D form before being turned into a beautiful piece of jewellery.

▼ Some examples of patterns that the waveforms produce include “aishiteru yo” or “I love you”


▼ “Itsumo arigatou” or “thanks always”


▼ And “zutto isshou dayo” or “together forever”


While the rings make perfect romantic presents between partners, the vocal recordings can be made by anyone, even anime characters from your television screen, which opens up a whole new market for the product. In fact, the company is already anticipating more applications for their 3-D technology, with Encode ring MUSIC being set up as a way to create jewellery with waveforms captured from live performances by singers and musicians.


The rings range in price from an affordable 12,960 yen (US$125.40) for stainless steel and stainless gold, all the way up to 129,600 yen for platinum varieties.



Orders and enquiries for their products, which take roughly one month to make, can be made on the company’s official website or Facebook account. For international customers, the global postage fee is included in the listed price, so there are no additional costs for having one of these rings delivered directly to your door!

Source, images: Encode Ring