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Unique intimate apparel is sure to have your bedroom partner purring with satisfaction.

Every now and then, we’ll see one of the stories we’ve published here at RocketNews24 have a resurgence in popularity months after it originally appeared on the site. That was the case last weekend for an article originally from last year about Japan’s kitten boob sweater.

But if you’re going to wear such an expressive item of clothing, it only stands to reason that you should pair it with equally distinct lingerie. Thankfully, you can keep the bold feline motif going with the cat keyhole lingerie set.

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While there’s no locking mechanism on the bra, it does feature a cat-shaped cutaway which creates some cute/sexy synergy.

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The feline fetishism doesn’t stop there, though. Moving to the bottom half of the set, the waistline of the panties has two peaks evocative of cat ears.

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The cords that tie at the hip also feature tiny little paws…

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…and if you swing your gaze around to the back, you’ll find one more pawprint.

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Rounding out the three-piece set is the bell-equipped choker, which adds a final playful touch and should also warn any nearby mice of your impending approach.

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While this sort of intimate apparel design seems like it should be right up Japan’s alley, the cat keyhole bra and panties spear to be Chinese in origin, although with an obvious nod towards Japan’s culture of cuteness. The set can be purchased for US$34 here from Shanghai-based Pocket Tokyo, or here for US$21.24 from AliExpress, a subdivision of Chinese online retailing giant Alibaba.

Source: IT Media
Top image: Pocket Tokyo
Inset images: Pocket Tokyo, AliExpress (edited by RocketNews24)