Curiosity didn’t kill the cat. It just got him into the latest fashion trends.

Depending on your age, fashion sense, and overall assumption about how interested the rest of the world is in knowing the contours of your lower body, you may or may not have ever purchased a pair of skinny jeans, and that’s fine. Fashion is, after all, largely an expression of personal values and preferences.

However, someone who has really gotten into the skinny jeans trend, and in a very literal way, is Japanese house cat Saji.

Saji is owned by Twitter user @rausu_2, who, judging from his profile picture, is of pretty slender build. So while Saji can work his way into the upper thigh of his owner’s jeans with room to spare, the fit becomes increasingly tighter as it tapers towards the ankle.

@rausu_2 is quick to point out that he didn’t force Saji into the garment, and that the animal actually seemed to quite enjoy its foray into denim spelunking.

As a matter of fact, the sight of a narrow opening seems to trigger Saji’s exploratory urges, even if it’s not made out of soft, inviting fabric.

And while it may look like Saji was trapped in a dungaree dungeon, he actually did have enough room to make it to the light at the end of the tunnel/pant leg.

So remember, next time you’re in a quandary over whether to buy skinny or loose-fitting jeans, Saji recommends the former. Even if you don’t end up ever wearing them, he could always use a new toy.

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