kfc battery box top

They’re calling it the “Watt A Box,” but we think just “Watt???” will suffice.

Businesses love to add technology gimmicks to their products to help sell more stuff. Whether it’s installing a robot that gives style advice into barbershops, or turning a regular bathroom into a religious experience, anything that helps get the word out and customers excited is fair game.

But recently KFC India released one of the most bizarre technology gimmicks we’ve seen yet: a box of chicken that includes a battery to charge your smartphone.

▼ Say hello to the 5-in-1 Meal Box that
doubles as a limited charging station: “Watt A Box.

So far the “Watt A Box” is only available at KFC India, and only in a limited supply. We have to wonder though, what was the inspiration behind creating this thing?

Here’s the official video released by KFC India, which may provide some insight:

▼ That feeling when you live in a magenta-colored void
and your smartphone goes dead.

kfc battery box 01

▼ “Ugh! This magenta-colored void is, like, so annoying to live in!”

kfc battery box 02

▼ But hey, what’s this?

kfc battery box 03

▼ Oh my god a smartphone charger inside a mysterious 5-in-1 box of KFC!
It’s a magenta-colored miracle!

kfc battery box 04

▼ Thanks, KFC! I’m, uh, not quite sure why this is happening,
but thanks anyway!

kfc battery box 05

Is the “Watt A Box” the way of the future for fast food, or just a marketing gimmick? Considering there’s no way that mass-producing the “Watt A Box” can be cost effective, we’re guessing most likely the latter. But hey, it’s getting people to talk about KFC, so it’s been a pretty successful gimmick so far.

And, at the very least, it’s better than KFC Hong Kong’s fried-chicken flavored nail polish… No, thank you.

Source: The Huffington Post Japan via YouTube/KFC India
Featured/top image: Twitter/@KFC_India
Insert images: YouTube/KFC India