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Hope you don’t have anything important to do today, because these two kitties are about to convince you that you need a nap right now.

For cat lovers, nothing quite compares to the sensation of snuggling up with your favorite feline for a relaxing afternoon nap. Since cats can also be fond of one another, though, it stands to reason that they’re not immune to the allure of such a slumbering setup either.

As proof, here’s a video from YouTube channel Kagoneko Blog.

Actually, you’ll have to watch carefully for most of the first minute to notice that it’s really a video, and not just a pair of still pictures. That’s how soundly the two kitties, one using the other as a fluffy pillow, are sleeping.

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At the 0:49 mark, there’s a crinkling noise that sounds like someone might be munching on a pack of senbei (rice crackers) which causes the top cat to momentarily open his eyes. Whatever the source of the sound is, it apparently isn’t interesting enough to entice him to stay awake, and he drifts back to sleep moments later.

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After one more brief interruption, he’s out for good, and after watching this video a few times ourselves, we’re really starting to think he has the right idea about how to spend the rest of the day.

Source, images: YouTube/かご猫 Blog
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