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This sleepy kitty knows what it wants and there’s nothing its owner can do about it.

In Japan, there’s a well-known pose called “kabe-don” or “wall-pound”, popularised through manga and anime characters as a way to set hearts aflutter when a (usually male) character leans into a love interest by placing his hand on the wall beside her. Now Japan is being introduced to a new phenomenon called the “kuchi-don” or “mouth-pound”, thanks to the antics of a cute cat who just can’t stop pounding its paw onto its human’s mouth.


Whether it’s in pursuit of its owner’s affections or an act of silent protest against bad breath and the sound of constant chatter, it’s amazing to see the cat lifting its arm dozens of times, over and over, continually coming to rest upon the man’s mouth, no matter how many times its outstretched paw is moved away.

▼ To watch the scene as it plays out, check out the short video below.

Viewers have been charmed by the way the persistent cat manages to pin its owner down again and again.

“This is too cute!”
“I can’t stop laughing!”
“Cute cat videos like this one have such healing powers.”
“I love how the mouth-pound just keep going!”
“It’s like a short one-act comedy play.”
“I wish my cat would do kuchi-don to me!”

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It’s hard to know how the cute cat, called Chataro-kun, developed the kuchi-don technique or why it seems to love doing it so much. What do you think is the reason behind the curious mouth-pound? Let us know in the comments section below!

Screenshots: YouTube/Neko Gurashi Channel
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