Go back in time with these cool retro Pokémon stamps now available for Line.

Never mind catching Pokémon on the augmented reality Pokémon Go game, now you can catch (well, technically buy) your own retro Pokémon stamps for instant messaging app Line.

These 8-bit graphic stamps come complete with old-school sound effects, so you can really feel as if you’re being transported back to the 1990s.

▼ Retro Pokémon stamps now available!


The “Pokémon Red/Green/Blue Pikachu” Line stamp set is priced at 240 yen (US$2.26) or 100 Line coins. The 24 Pokémon Line stamps include characters such as Pikachu, Eevee, Psyduck, and Gengar the ghost.

If you ever need to send the phrase “Hey! Future champion!” to your friends then these are the stamps for you.

▼ Here is the complete 24-set of Pokémon stamps


▼ “Anger!”


Other phrases include:

“The power of chemistry is amazing!”
“But nothing will happen”
“Thank you♥”
“That’s incredible!”
“GO! GO!”
“The effect is fantastic!”

▼ “That’s incredible!”


While it’s unfortunate these stamps are not free, 240 yen is probably worth it for the taste of 8-bit of nostalgia — especially when you can share it when your friends!

Source: Kai-you
Images: Line (edited by RocketNews24)