Before-and-after profile shots show the different effects produced by small and medium sizes.

Japan is filled with beauty products like face slimmers, special devices designed to give you double-rimmed eyelids, and shapers that gradually sculpt your nose. Now there’s a product that promises an instant lift for women after a high-bridged nose, and it delivers the effect in small and medium sizes.


Created by Tokyo-based company Bibico, the design for the “Hanaputti” or “Petite Nose” has been registered in Japan, China, and South Korea. While nose inserts have appeared on the international market in the past, this one has a different shape, designed especially for Japanese nostrils in response to user complaints of pain when using foreign models.


▼ The Hanaputti is mounted easily inside the nostril, and is designed for a stable, safe fit inside the nasal cavity. 


Depending on the desired effect, there are two sizes available, which show the instant change in nose height created after insertion. Beginners are advised to start with the small size.


Once users have become used to the product, they may want to progress to the medium size for a more noticeable effect. This style is recommended for cosplayers who want to recreate the pointed, slim nose often seen on characters in manga and anime.


The new self-shaping product is currently available from the Hanaputti website, where a box of two retails for 1,620 yen (US$16) each, plus postage for delivery within Japan only. The product can also be purchased at the SBY store inside the Shibuya 109 building and at Don Quixote stores around the country.

Source: PR Times
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