But don’t fill up on those, because you’ll want to save room for the Witch Organ Soup.

It’s in Japan’s nature to try to draw out the latent cuteness in all things, even the traditionally darkest and spookiest of seasonal celebrations. That’s why so many of the country’s special Halloween sweets are cute to look at, or come in purple packages as Japan tries to co-opt the fashionably feminine hue into duty alongside the orthodox colors of orange and black each October.

But the Hilton Tokyo seems to be committed to keeping Halloween about terror first, and everything else, at best, a distant, distant second.

Like many large-scale hotels in Tokyo, the Hilton offers luxurious buffets. Right now, the facility’s first-floor Marble Lounge is hosting an Alice in Wonderland-themed dessert-centric buffet, but the management recently decided to add a number of special Halloween items to its offerings. Some of these are more playful than shocking, like the spider web cake and black-bun cheeseburgers.

▼ We’re not exactly sure how the sandwiches ended up in a dessert buffet either, but ask yourself, have you ever been saddened by the presence of a pile of cheeseburgers? No, we didn’t think you had.


But if you look behind the cake, you’ll notice a dozen or so creepy eyeballs staring back at you from atop their individual cupcakes.


Those aren’t the only detached peepers waiting for you in the buffet line, either. They also show up in the Witch Organ Soup.

▼ With some eerily lifelike entrails and gummy worms tossed in for added flavor.


However, if you’re of the mindset that hemoglobin should be a glaze, not a broth, you’ll probably prefer a slice of the Bloody Mousse Cake.

▼ Only slightly less disturbing than a bloody moose would be.


But don’t worry, it’s not all blood and guts. For example, the Finger Cookies are just oblong pastries with almonds at the end.


Oh, and also what appears to be a tube of greasy, slightly lumpy poo. The one on the left is even arranged in a nice little coil, like the turds dropped by manga characters.

Now, we’re sure that despite their scary names and appearances, all these desserts are made with raspberry extracts, strawberry reductions, chocolate cream, or other meant-for-human-consumption things of that ilk. We’re also sure they taste great, given that the Hilton Tokyo is a classy hotel with a long-standing reputation for high quality. So if you’ve got the courage to try these daunting delicacies, the Halloween buffet will be going on until October 31.

Hotel information
Hilton Tokyo
Address: Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Nishi Shinjuku 6-6-2
Dessert buffet served: 2:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
3,600 yen (US$35) (weekdays), 3,720 yen (weekends/holidays)

Source: Hilton Tokyo
Images: Hilton Tokyo (edited by RocketNews24)
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