If you’ve ever wanted to gobble up an adorable panda, now’s your chance!

There have been a lot of great breads in RocketNews24 history. We’ve seen buttery bread backpacks, watermelon bread to confuse your taste buds, and now we have possibly one of the greatest breads to ever grace the world of gluten: panda bread.

▼ It’s… so… cute….


Panda bread (or as it’s known in Japanese with its way-cooler name, panda pan) is currently being sold by Japanese company Lotteria at the L’UENO bakery in the food court across the street from Ueno Station in Tokyo.

The panda bread is being sold in anticipation of Ueno Zoo’s Panda Day on October 28, the day that celebrates when China gave the giant pandas Lan Lan and Kang Kang to Japan in 1972 to mark the normalization of relations between their two countries.

▼ Because nothing says “let’s be friends” more than a gift of an animal
that can only barely digest the only food it eats. D’aww!

panda-bread-04Flickr/George Lu

The bread is baked with chocolate flavoring to make the eyes, ears, and nose of the panda appear wherever you slice it. It’s sold in whole and half-loaves, but the whole loaf comes with a free panda carrying box, so it’s really not even a choice.

▼ Go big or go home.


Whole loaves are selling for 880 yen (US$9), and half-leaves go for 450 yen. Be sure to bring along any kids/nieces/nephews that you have when you go to pick yours up, because you’re going to want to be able to enjoy that warm, fresh panda bread in the kids’ area.

▼ Alternatively you could pretend to be a small child,
but don’t blame us if the panda police show up.


Restaurant information
L’UENO / ルエノ
Address: Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, Ueno Park 1-2 UENO3153 1F
京都台東区上野公園1-2 UENO3153 1階

Source, images: Lotteria Press Release